Wednesday, January 12, 2011

vintage beauties

finally, i am making a post!! i have had so many ideas and things i have been working on during the holidays. I have created the start of two new songs, picked up a few consignment finds, and have put together a few crafts. i am so excited to start posting again, but thought i would start with one i have been thinking about before the break began, vintage beauties.

there are several things that i just LOVE vintage. so here is my list of all things beautiful that are very dated.

1. furniture

vintage furniture are some of my favorites.  the ornate designs of the wooden frame are so pretty.  old pieces of furniture are prone to having beautiful fabric patterns also.  and the great thing about the pieces is that it is okay to cover them again and again with different fabrics because you haven’t spent a fortune on the piece itself.  these are just a few pieces that recently found to decorate a studio space or as photography props someday. :) yay consignment shops!!!

2. frames

frames are so much fun.  you can use them in so many different ways.  you can put pictures in them or simply frame other things right on the wall without using glass.  i found these frames at another blog, she had some really cute ideas for other uses of vintage frames.  i also found these cute yarn wrapped letters with this vintage frame surrounding them at this blog which has more crafty ideas.  i think i may try this once i get antiquing and find me some letters and frames.

3. cars

okay so i have always been intrigued by the looks of a vintage car.  whether its an american musical or a luxurious european vehicle, in my opinion the best styles and details are found in more dated makes and models.  here was a shot that i found of a newly wed couple sitting on top of an old pick up truck.


i hope i get a chance to capture some shots like this one.  i found this picture at a blog that i can no longer find :(, but you may want to google search to find more nifty photo ideas, especially ideas for weddings. :)

4. jewelry: the cameo


i also love the looks of vintage jewelry.  especially, the cameo.  they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors.  and now that they are coming back into style, i'm glad i have one in my drawer.

5. electronics

pastedGraphic.pdf pastedGraphic.pdf

i kno this may seem very strange, but other items that i like to look at vintage are old electronics such as, radios, tv's, and microphones.  i have been trying to find a functional vintage style microphone to take some pics with to put on my music page, but can't find anything affordable.  sigh... maybe someday.  anyways, i have been trying to figure out ways to make radios and tv's functional as well as something pretty to look at.  one of my friends WILL own a shop one day so i thought maybe if you removed the screen out of a tv it could serve as some sort of neat display case.  i haven't researched this idea so it may not be feasible... ha ha but it was just an idea.

there are way too many things that i love vintage so i stop my list here.  i hope you enjoy these things too!!

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