Tuesday, March 29, 2011


i have discovered a new and true love!!! my friend from blueheart introduced me to the wonder of pinterest and have currently discovered that i am thoroughly addicted to it!! you can create pinboards in order to catalog your favorite images and inspirations.  the one that i created that i am quiet fond of is the decorator in me board.  here are a few of my favorite images from it!!
rustic cupboards from country living magazine

d.i.y. headboards

distressed desk with flowers

beautiful vintage space

cute green vintage chairs made into a bench

teacups as a clock=genius

book page art

these are just a few of my pins.  i encourage you to create your own by requesting an invite.  it's so much fun and so addicting!! just post a comment and i will give you my e-mail address so i can let you in on the greatest creativity outlet ever!! :)


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