Tuesday, July 26, 2011

new room & some color inspiration

bottom line: i have fallen in love with these colors and i'm moving into a new apartment!!

well i will have lots of opportunities to be creative when decorating my new room in my new place.  and right now i have purchased several vintage accessories for my room but my main focus is creating the bed.  i have bought a vintage wooden toolbox for the foot board and a window with shutters for the head board.  i have my colors but my dilemma is which color to paint what.

i'm thinking i will leave the window white, paint the shutters coral (like shown below) and paint the toolbox the pastel blue.  my bedding is yellow green with a vine pattern.  i've already started stripping the paint off of the shutters and it's not as easy as i thought it would be!!!  but in the end i think my room will turn out great!  :)


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