Friday, July 22, 2011

three is a crowd =)

click on image to enlarge and all images are mine :)

if you can't tell, i have an owl collection.

i have scoured all of the local peddler's malls, antique and thrift stores to find more owls to add to my growing collection.  

the truth of the matter is, the "search and find" is the best part of collecting.  yes i love looking at owls but i also love hunting them! it all starts when i walk in the doors of a store that contains many old things that fills my nose with that unique smell of "antique."  it's like a large "I Spy" book.  sometimes i leave a store with bags of owl collectibles and other times i leave empty-handed.  but hey, i know that i have given the store a valid search.  i go into every booth unless the booth is filled with leather chaps, britney spears caricatures, food, or booths which have seriously been abused and are so empty that i can't see how the owner pays the rent on the space.   i'm sort of obsessive when i collect, so it may not be for everyone but if you haven't tried collecting anything, i would give it a try!! but i just love the hunt and the feeling of success when you find a really cute something that would fit with everything else in your collection with its own unique flair.  

recently this has been how i have spent my free time, but lack of money has me pulling the reigns on what shops to go into for fear of spending too much on something that i just HAVE to have.   :)

so until the next post on my owl finds, i bid you good luck with your own collection!!!
♥ mackenzie


  1. wow! i didn't realize how big your collection has gotten!

  2. yea it has... and their are more than just in this post EEK... this is what obsession/collections can do to you lol