Saturday, June 18, 2011

the diy fabric flower project

well it's diy project time.  i need to spruce up some shoes for a friends wedding.  here are the shoes in question:

click on picture to enlarge

as you can tell they are very simple but hey they were $15.00 and i could use them as an excuse to get creative, so here i am.  i'm thinking about making some diy fabric flowers to either place on the first strap towards the sole of the shoe or the outside area of the heel strap.  i can't really decide which but i might be able to tell once i see it.  here are some links to some other bloggers who have posted pictures and tutorials on some different kinds of diy fabric flowers.

okay so this one doesn't have a link but i like the looks of these, this collage came from this blog.
this flower is made from cut circles stitched together, i found this here.
 unfortunately the best tutorials wouldn't allow me to use their pictures so check out these links!!! the first (which i will probably use) can be found here. And the second can be found at this.  i hope my $15.00 shoes will turn out to look like $30.00 shoes!! haha
i will post pictures soon!!!


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