Saturday, October 1, 2011

our first sale!!!

my mom and i have started this new Etsy shop called -the feathered owl-!!! and on september 17, we made our first sale!! after about of month of counting the views on each of our items, we had finally sold something.  we had been thinking about how we would package our items, but soon ran out of time to think due to the recent sale.  so i had already come up with some thank you cards to write a personalized message to our customer,  but then my mom had the BRILLIANT idea of making our own tissue paper to stuff around our item in the shipping box.  it was ingenious and i had to blog about it along with some packaging inspirations that have been floating around my Pinterest and Google!!!
{our hand-stamped thank you cards and packing paper}

{Decor8, pixelmade,, rusticblend (etsy), rainydaycolors (etsy), mustard amperstand & google images}

i hope you enjoyed the ideas & inspirations!! the credit goes to those in the captions respectively and the images above the inspiration images are my own so if you use them credit would be nice! :)

until next time!!!
♥ mackenzie

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