Monday, October 31, 2011

fall essential #1: a pair of skinnies

eh hem... today i am announcing that Jessica {jessica chronicled} are doing a series together!!!! YAY!! and considering we both love FALL and we both love to experiment with our style and our fashion inspirations, we decided to do a collaboration post series titled - fall essentials -! we will be bringing to you 10 things you HAVE to have in your closet for the wonderful season of Fall! so listen up 'cause her comes numbah 1!

so skinnies are the perfect way to elongate your legs!! and go great cuffed with any shoe!! they are perfect for fall because they will keep you warm and show off your legs at the same time!  they go with any top ensemble: sweater, layers, button-ups, or flannels.  the ones i have pictured are my favorite pair.  they are stretchy, not constricting, and i feel like the wash makes my legs look skinnier- which is very important to a girl that has had THIGHS since birth!! hopefully some of you all can relate!
{magenta top: Target; skinnies: Express; blush rose shoes: Khols; blue button up: from in my childhood}

in conclusion: jessica and i will be bring you 10 essentials over the next couple of weeks.  a pair of skinny leg jeans are the first fall essential.  & make sure you visit jessica's blog to see the rest of her outfit for her skinnies-- you need to because her outfit is SO cute!!  feel free to leave comments on your fall essentials or put up some skinny jean love!

oh and happy halloween!
♥ mackenzie