Wednesday, November 2, 2011

fall essential #2: an oversized something

next up on our fall essentials list is: an over-sized something.
this was one of my favorite essentials to do.  just because over-sized (oversized?... whatever) things make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  i bought my grey cabal knit sweater at Plato's Closet as a sweater to wear to an 80's.  i went to the men's section picked this out as something "i would never wear again" item, paid $3 and something for it, and now it is something i LOVE to wear anywhere!!!
{grey over-sized men's sweater: Plato's Closet; clock necklace: Aerie; my favorite pair of skinnies: Express; black pumps: a shoe warehouse of some sort}
so in conclusion, i will never get rid of my men's cable knit sweater because it is pretty much the best thing fashion-wise that has ever happened to me and it makes me feel good to cuddle up anywhere i go!!  but really any over-sized top is "in" right now, so embrace the cuddliness and grab you one today! :D

& don't forget to head on over to jessica's blog to see her post on her over-sized essential! have fun with this one, it's simple and affordable!!

♥ mackenzie

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