Tuesday, November 8, 2011

fall essential #6: pattern

when in doubt-- slap some pattern on it!!! (yes i just said that)

polka-dot, stripes, paisley, cheetah, zebra, there are just too many to choose from!!  pattern is so much fun!!! pattern gives that extra sha to the bam of your ensemble! lol
it's pretty self explanatory, so i'm not going to lecture you on how to use it.  but i will caution you-- you can become over-cautious with pattern, and that's not cool!! in my outfit, i was pretty cautious but my friend here, dared to put paisley with stripes... and it TOTALLY worked.  so with this post i'm going to challenge you to be a little more like jessica and be bold and brilliant when it comes to your pattern!!
{scalloped polka-dot top: Sears; maroon undershirt: New York, New York; necklace: Aerie; skinnies: Express; shoes: a shoe store}
i hope you enjoyed today's essential! and remember dare to pair!! and check out jessica's blog post today!

♥ mackenzie

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