Wednesday, November 9, 2011

fall essential #7: the boot

boots are a must have for fall.  i'm sorry if you didn't know that, your out of the loop!! but that's why jessica and i are here!! we keep you in check!!!
boots come in all different varieties.  some various types i have come to love are: the combat boot, the knee high boot, the boot with a heel, the flat boot, the leather boot, the fabric boot, the buckled boot, and the cowboy boot!  there are SO many different kinds but the type i have decided to post about today are my cowboy boots.  i got my boots in a little buy one get two free boot shop in TN-- yes i did say buy 1 get 2 free, it's AWESOME.  so i ended up paying like $75 for a pair of almost $200 boots and my sister got some too!! anyways, moving on from that awesomeness, i paired my boots with my favorite peachy top, a ruffled cardigan with a belt, my skinnies, and a hand made headband that i crocheted due to my unruly hair.  i'm hopefully going to be making more and that will have it's own blog post!
{headband: made by me; vintage opal owl necklace: Etsy; coral top: Target?; ruffle cardigan: Francesca's; belt: Ruche; skinnies: Express; boots: Tennessee shop}
 boots are amazing and just citing where my inspiration comes from-- the little collage idea and the video came from jessica's post today-- she's awesome so give her post a look!! & leave a shout out or some boot love in the comments section!!
♥ mackenzie

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