Monday, November 7, 2011

fall essential #5: tights

so the fifth essential is tights.  when thinking about making tights an essential i thought: it's cold now, i love color, and i miss shorter pants and skirts!  so that's where tights come in!! tights are a great way to make a spring-ish/summer-ish outfit into something very fall-ish!

{white button up: The Limited; necklace: Maurice's; short over-all's: American Eagle; gold tights: Macy's; heels: Kohl's}
for this outfit i layered a white button up with a tank top and through some over-all's on over my gold tights! i've had these over-all's since i was in 8th or 9th grade but i never wore them!! i could never find anything to wear them with and i was too insecure to try anything too different.  but i think i have somewhat matured in my style trends and i was willing to try something a tad risky.  i love how the tights turned out! i know they are loud and radical but you can also wear tights in a more conservative manner, maybe a more subtle color & oh and panty hose SOO count in this essential {a little shear never hurt anybody}!!
jessica also did a post today too!! so make sure you run on over and see her use of tights too!!

♥ mackenzie