Friday, November 4, 2011

fall essential #4: a scarf

it's fall. it's cold. you need a scarf!!!

the cool things about scarves is that they come in SO many different shapes , sizes, colors, textures, patterns, and can be used in MANY different ways.  they can be fluffy or thin, hole-y or dense, brightly colored or subdued, oversized or skinny, but most of all they are a great accent piece or finisher for any fall ensemble!

for this post, i demonstrated a very traditional way to wear a scarf, simply draped around the neck.  but jessica wore her circular scarf in a more radical way, draped around her shoulders and tucked in a belt like a cardigan! she is very innovative (but that's a side point-- make sure to take a closer at her scarf usage at her blog, here!)

{navy shirt: found in the closet; black scarf: chico's; brown fedora hat: target; skinnies (can you tell yet that i love them): Express; patten leather heels: some shoe store }
I am thoroughly convinced that there is a scarf for every occasion and outfit, so this is why scarves made the list for fall essentials.  they are functional & stylish, and therefore you won't regret adding a few to your closet!!!

how do you wear your scarf??  leave some scarf love below!! :)
and once again may i remind you to check out jessica's post for today too!!!

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