Friday, November 11, 2011

fall essential #10: oxfords

this is the 10th and final essential that jessica and i came up with for fall.  we chose oxfords because of our debate between flats and heels.  i originally had flats down as an essential because i wanted to make TOMS an essential and i knew that i shouldn't just limit the essential to that brand but when talking this essential over with jessica, she brought up a valid point: she only ever sees heels in fashion blogs anymore.  this was true, but i had a hard time picturing myself in heels in the fall because all i own are open toed heels and one pair of patten leather closed toed.  and to tell you the truth my toes would get cold no matter if i wore heels in the fall without pairing them with tights.
{under-shirt: New York, New York; feather sweater: New York, New York; skinnies: Express; oxfords: DSW; owl necklace: gift from a friend (Kohl's)}
 oxfords are sweet because they go with many outfits and give a great vintage feel! you can also wear them with or without laces and they still look great!  shimmie on over {i mean literally-not really ;) } jessica's blog today and look at her no-lace oxfords!! i know that for some committing yourself to wear shoes like this is tough but once you get used to them they are a great fall essential!

Oh my goodness!! this is our last post (i'm sorry it's so late, life gets in the way sometime)!! but not for good, just for this series!  so don't be a stranger and pop in anytime to see what's new in my life!! & i need to give a big shout out to my girl jessica tingle, for be a collaborator on this project and to inspire me to challenge myself with my style, i still don't think i'm fully mature yet, but with help from blogs and her, it's a work in progress!!  i've had so much fun with this!! i hope you all have enjoyed it as much as i have and i can't wait to start posting other series!!

until next time,

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