Thursday, November 10, 2011

fall essential #8: a pop of color

number 8 of 10: a POP of color!  this is on the list because with it being fall time it's easy to get tied up in the neutral and greyish colors that are a little bit dull.  i'm NOT saying that these colors are bad, in fact they are some of my favorite colors, BUT sometimes it's nice to through some bright colors in your fall pallet!
{headband: made by me; white button up: The Limited; skinnies: Express; oxfords: DSW Shoes; green purse: Target}

pops of color are awesome and fun! so try some in your next outfit!  jessica's yellow scarf was a great addition to her outfit so make sure you stop by her blog to see her fall essential #8 ensemble!!  And the final two installments of this series will be posted on the same day!! so come back tomorrow and see what the last essentials for fall are!!!

♥ mackenzie


  1. I just love the headband you crocheted. Feel free to make another for a tutorial and give that one to me for Christmas! haha just kidding. But for real. You can if you want.

  2. lol you ruined it jessica... but you can forget about my gift to you until christmas after you tell me what color you want :)