Thursday, November 3, 2011

fall essential #3: the leather jacket

the leather jacket is a MUST HAVE because it's good for layering- and layering is always a good thing in the fall.  i LOVE me some leather jackets.  i used to be just into the hard core black leather jacket until a cashier at Wal-Mart told me i looked like i was going to go kill someone and they ask me to get some bad ones for them too.  LOL, i have been known to put up a very stern intimidating facade (trust me- not on purpose!!) but i never thought i would be considered the type to be on the hunt for corrupt  souls to burn like johnny blaze on ghost rider--- although i do own and know how to operate a dirt-bike. ANYWAYS, if you know me at all, this was not my motivation for that afternoon and after that whenever i wore my black leather jacket i would make an extra effort to put on a grin or big smile.  but now i own a tan one!! i first saw jess's (pictured above with me, but in the black jacket) tan one and had to get me one because she totally made the whole tan thing work AND tan tends to be a more softer color than black.    :)

{leather jacket: Elder-Bearman; skinnies: Express; sweater: American Eagle; clock necklace: Aerie; opal ring: Avon-passed down from my grandmother; burlap TOMS: Journey's}
sorry about all the pictures but there were A LOT of good ones thanks to jessica tingle!!  some other tid bits: i like weird sweaters and this navy one WAS NOT from this season.  that opal ring is Avon and it was passed down to my from my grandmother!! and guess what month opal is... October-the official beginning of fall!  i love TOMS--especially burlap TOMS! and pictured above is my lovely greyhound, Cammie whom my family rescued from the track!!  i know there is a lot of pictures and a lot of random information, but hopefully this post will not only let you in on how the leather jacket is an essential, but it will also let you see some of me being me too!!

check out jessica's post about her leather jacket and COMMENT!! please comment, even if you only want to type, something totally random!! i'm desperately trying to get to know my readers!!

♥ mackenzie

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  1. I love your leather jacket with all the ruffle details! It's so pretty. I had completely forgotten about the killer story! haha, too funny.