Friday, November 11, 2011

fall essential #9: a woodland friend

i love woodland creatures: squirrels, deer, birds, and especially owls!! and when i think of fall, i think of all the pretty trees in the woods at my nana's house and all of the lovely animals that call that place their home.  so if you are going to be dressed in your best for the fall season, you need to bring a woodland friend along for the trip!
{sweater: Etsy; skinnies: Express; oxfords: DSW}
i originally planned on wearing some owls for this post (i really love owls), but instead i found this awesome vintage sweater on Etsy with these lovely deer!!! i just love the ruffled collar and the deer just made me go over the edge and buy it!  of course i got a decent price, $15!  i bought the sweater from 15dollarvintage, where everything is $15!  anyways, woodland friends are great and everyone should have one!!

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♥ mackenzie

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